It was clear, Phils needed a lift;

                                    in a blink it came, sure and swift.

                                    Doc Hallady in charge all the way,

                                    great defense helped save the day

                                    and end 3-game losing drift.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010. Turner Field, Atlanta, Georgia.

Philadelphia – 2, Atlanta – 0.

WP – Halladay (4-0), LP – Tim Hudson (1-1).


Shane Victorino snatched Troy Glaus’ 2nd inning blast an instant before it cleared the centerfield fence. Utley, Castro, and Howard (4) all made outstanding defensive plays.


News from the groaning bench: Polanco had to leave the game after taking a pitch off his elbow. Happ will miss a start because of soreness in his left forearm. Blanton, Lidge, and Romero are expected to be back by the end of the month. Rollins is taking batting practice, but his calf still hurts.                           





by Max Blue


                                    Like three pistol shots in the night,

                                    to Phils’ fans a plum ugly sight.

                                    Thank Kendrick, into the ninth, team was cruising,

                                    then, in a flash, they were losing.

                                    Ryan Madson the cause of this blight.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010. Turner Field, Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta – 4, Philadelphia – 3 (10 innings).

WP – Billy Wagner (1-0), LP – Contreras (0-1).

BS – Madson (1).

HR – Glaus (2), 9th, 1 on; Heyward (4), 9th; McClouth (1), 10th.



by Max Blue


                                    Nineteen innings and only one run?

                                    Hang on, team, this is no fun

                                    Cole Hamels pitched well,

                                    but still the Phils fell,

                                    to a phoney Fish lefthander’s gun.


Sunday, April 18, 2010. Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Florida – 2, Philadelphia – 0.

WP – Nate Robertson (2-0), LP – Hamels (2-1).
H- Burke Badenhop (3)

S- Leo Nuñez (3)

HR – Uggla (3), 2nd.


A Little League third base coach has this advice for a runner on third with less than two out: “Listen to me, son. If the batter hits the ball to the outfield, your natural reaction is to break for home. YOU MUST RESIST THIS REACTION. You must immediately go back to third base and tag up. If the ball falls for a hit, or is dropped, you will score easily. If the ball is caught, you have a more than even chance of scoring after the catch.”


In the fourth inning of this Phillies’ game with the team trailing 1-0, Jason Werth was on third with one out when Carlos Ruiz hit a fly ball to medium right field. Did Werth go back to tag up? No. He broke for home, then had to recover and retreat to tag up. Too late. He was standing on third when the throw sailed over the catcher’s head, but was backed up by the pitcher. This happens often in kid’s games, but not in the Major Leagues. Disapponting? For sure. Disgusting? That too. A chance to tie the game before 45,000 desperately seeking home fans, who take every loss as a personal affront. Sam Perlozzo, Phils’ third base coach should be banished to Reading for further instruction. Jason Werth should stop thinking about whether to get a shave or not. Pay attention, guys, this is serious stuff. We’re talking about a two-game shift in thestandings – win and take a 2½ game lead over the Marlins, lose and it’s a ½ game. It’s intolerable.




by Max Blue


                                    Ricky Nolasco, always trouble,

                                    pricked Phillies high-scoring bubble

                                    Jamie Moyer again five good, but one bad.

                                    The first-inning train wreck was sad;

                                    left him scrambling to rise from the rubble.


Saturday, April 17, 2010. Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Florida – 5, Philadelphia – 1.

WP – Nolasco (1-0), LP – Moyer (1-1).

HR – Paulino (1), 1st, 2 on.

Werth (1), 9th.



by Max Blue


                                    Doc Halladay won his first game at the Bank;

                                    made sure Fish stayed in their tank.

                                    Fans’ main complain,

                                    was a nasty, cold rain,

                                    but they loved hearing Fish bats go clank.


Friday, April 16, 2010. Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia – 8, Florida – 6.

WP – Halladay (3-0), LP – Anibal Sanchez (0-1).

S- Madson (3).

HR – Uggla (2), 4th.

Polanco (2), 2nd; Utley (6), 7th.


If it wasn’t for the persistent rain, Halladay would have pitched the ninth with an 8-2 lead. But the rain wouldn’t quit so Charlie sent David Herndon out for the mop up. The kid deserved better; his power sinker was doing its job, but three dribblers on the wet infield went for hits, and Ryan Madson had to save it after the Fish scored four and put the tying run on base.


Chase the Mace homered in his fourth straight game, bringing a ho-hum, what else is new, from the Phils broadcast booth. In 2009 the slim slugger homered in five straight games two separate times. Polanco also homered, and after 10 games has 20 hits and a .444 batting average. Ryan Howard is not far behind with 17 hits and a .362 average. The numbers are blinding, but Liddy cautions against premature celebrations. I know, I know, only ten games. 




by Max Blue


                                    Just what we Phils fans most fear:

                                    a blown save – the first of the year.

                                    Baez had a 4-2 lead,

                                    ’til a two-homerun, 8th inning bleed.

                                    Nats’ bats awoke ‘twould appear.


Thursday, April 15, 2010. Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Washington – 7, Philadelphia – 5.

WP – Clippard (2-0), LP – Baez (0-1).

H – Sean Burnett (2).Bastardo (2)

BS – Baez (1).

S – Matt Capps (4).

HR – Dunn (1), 8th; Zimmerman (1), 8th, 1 on.

Utley (5), 1st; Victorino (3), 9th.


It was a day of firsts – (1) Matt Capps’ first career one-plus inning save, (2) Ryan Zimmerman’s first career pinch-hit homerun, (3) Adam Dunn’s season-first homerun,

(4) Ryan Zimmerman’s season-first homerun, (5) Phillies’ season-first blown save, (6)

Max Blue’s first season-rant at Phillies’ bullpen.




By Max Blue


                                    The Hawaiian and Chase drove in nine,

                                    as the offense continued to shine.

                                    Nats thumped Kendrick but no luck,

                                    they got hit by a runaway truck.

                                    Folks in these parts think it’s just fine.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010. Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia – 14, Washington – 7.

WP – Figueroa (1-1), LP – Bergmann (0-1).

H- Durbin (4).
HR – Utley -2 (4), 2
nd, 2 on, 6th; Victorino (2), 5th, 1 on.


Jimmy Rollins on 15 day disabled list with strained right calf muscle. Wilson Valdez called up from Lehigh Valley..